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Gift Basket Blog: November 2, 2012
New Car Gift Basket

Has someone you know just purchased a new set of wheels? Are you’re looking for a gift to say congratulations on their new car? Look no further than a new car gift basket. Everyone loves keeping their car looking like new especially for that first few months up to a year. Giving them a new car gift basket is a great way to kick start their car cleaning rituals.

Use a bucket as your gift basket base, not only is it appropriate to the theme of the gift it’s obviously re-usable. Now for which products to include in the gift. Auto soap, a large soft sponge or washing mitt make quit work of soaking the car in suds. Once the car is rinsed a chamois cloth is perfect for drying the exterior of the car; it won’t leave streaks or lint on the car. Window cleaner and wax will seal in shine. For tire care, buy them a scrubbing sponge and tire protectant to keep their tires shinny. As for the interior, buy your friend some dash board wipes and an air freshener (in New Car scent of course!). Aside from items to wash the car, a tire gauge is a very useful gift to include. Finish off the gift basket with a ribbon. A ribbon in the same color as their new car is a personalized touch. For a fun final touch, add some fuzzy dice or some key chains looped onto the ribbon.

There are also options online so you don’t have to make your own car gift basket. This Car Care Gift Basket for example, is great because it not only provides products to keep the recipients car clean it also gives them some snacks so they can have fun while washing their new car.