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My Favorite Gift Baskets

Posted on April 13, 2011

With gift baskets being such popular gifts it’s no wonder I’ve received my fair share of them. Among my favorites that I received (coincidentally all were wedding gifts) are a wine gift basket, a gourmet food basket, a green cleaning basket, and a picnic basket. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a wine gift basket. Few people dislike wine and I definitely don’t fall into that category. The gourmet food basket is among the top in my list of favorites. This was a wedding gift from one of my very good friends that she put together herself. It was filled with olive oils of all sorts and flavorings, vinegars and scone mixes just to name a few items. The basket itself was/is amazing! I still use it today. It’s big enough that I keep a few blankets in it next to the couch in my living room.

The green cleaning basket was a great gift. The basket is made out of recycled materials and was filled with non-toxic cleaners. This is another great example of a gift basket that I still use to keep my cleaning supplies in. It keeps everything organized in my cabinet and I can tote all my cleaning supplies from room to room.

Then there’s Yogi’s favorite, the good old ‘pick-a-nic’ basket. This picnic basket came complete with plates, wine glasses, and silverware. I regret that my husband and I don’t picnic more often, but we have made use of this fun basket at least twice so far! With spring time around the corner I’m hoping that we’ll use it a bunch more. These are just a few great gift baskets I’ve received. They have provided me with inspiration as great gifts for other people.

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