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Sewer’s Gift Basket

Posted on November 2, 2011

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves to sew or is a budding fashion designer? A sewing themed gift basket is just the ticket for them. There are so many options for filling a basket with sewing accessories. You can start with buying a sewing case as your basket. Fill it with a collection of threads in an assortment of colors. Stick to basic colors that can be used for most applications. Craft stores sell these separately or in a kit. An assortment will make your gift basket arrangement very colorful! Also, if you know the type of clothing or upholstery your friend likes to sew buy a few patterns for them to use. Throw in some other accessories such as needles, pins, thimbles and pin cushions. Include an issue or two of a specialty sewing magazine such as Thread Magazine or Sew Beautiful Magazine. A subscription to these magazines can also be included in your gift. Finish off the look of your gift basket by tying it off with thin ribbon in an assortment of colors (about 3-5 different colors). The ribbons will give the affect of different color threads and really let the sewing theme of the gift shine through. Or use a tape measure to tie off the basket as a playful way to show off the sewing theme. Another fun way to finish off the look of your basket is with some large buttons. Thread some ribbon through a a couple large buttons to tie off the basket. The buttons are a great alternative to a bow.

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